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"The closing track, "Final Prayer," in particular dons the aforementioned mask of Gus to bring together the myriad elements influencing the band, forming a powerful, cohesive, and enjoyable whole." - James Lewis - Decibel Magazine

He first appeared in ancient times and has been seen over the centuries in many forms always taking the name of Gus McArthur. Rumored to be Welsh, Scottish, and even Roman he has always appeared in times of war and upheaval standing in the shadows, not quite visible, but always watching. In the last century Gus was present in the trenches during WWI, seen flying planes in the Battle of Britain during WWII, with rumors of Gus sightings even today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many attempts have been made to capture his image but the band Gus McArthur were the first to see him in his truest form and wear his mask to channel him in their performances. His words are their words, his music their music - biting, intense, and timeless. Gus is everywhere, has been there always, listen to what he has to say.

Where there are lies the truth exists, sometimes co-mingled and yet untouched awaiting the balance to be shifted by action, always by action. There are fools on the see-saw though, using their bulbous bellies, and bulging egos to twist the true thing into another while screaming for all the other fools to ride on their side. Put all your body, spirit, mind into the deception, together, until the see will not saw, held in stop motion by the fanatics on their ride, all the fools on one side.


Beware the mob that stands only in the glow of their own light. They will bludgeon all others as lost in the darkness outside of any claim to what is right. Some will hide, or sneak, or smile and wave, while scheming their plot to enslave, holding back all the rage for just the right moment to pull the mask away revealing the horror, of the Fanatic. (Transmission from Gus McArthur)

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